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Inspiring Women: Bisila Bokoko

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Today we are conducting an interview with Bisila Bokoko, entrepreneur, philanthropist, founder and CEO of BBES. ANDShe is a true leader who has worked hard to get far. This business woman is all a reference not only for women, but for anyone who wants to start or progress in their professional career.

An impressive talent wrapped up is a aura of tranquility and kindness, which has allowed us to get to know her a little better through this interview.

Some characteristics that stand out within female leadership are: sociability, giving greater value to cooperation, innovative mentality and more empathy. How do you think these characteristics influence the development of companies?

I believe that these characteristics are essential for the development of the company in this 21st century, where uncertainty and change are a constant. Therefore, these skills allow us to give Quick response to all challenges that are presented to us in the business environment, where now more than ever people must be put at the center of the equation.

What has the journey of being a female leader been like up to the present day? – another question from the interview with Bisila Bokoko

It has been a path of light and dark, and it has turned me into a hurdler.

What has been the most difficult thing about being a female leader?

Believe that I can be a female leader and accept me as I am without wearing masks or armor.

What advice would you give to women who have the dream of creating their own company or of being company leaders?

If the dream lies within you, it is because you have the ability to do it and, therefore, we must give way to that dream, and not focus on the why not, but on the just because. Falling down and getting up is the way and trial and error is the formula. Have a positive attitude, surround yourself with people who add up and who support you unconditionally and, lastly, enjoy the process.

Do you think there are still barriers for women to bet on management positions? – another question from the interview with Bisila Bokoko

there are, but they are not impossible to knock down. The moment you don't see the barriers, you cross them, and the doors begin to open. And, of course, the women who have the opportunity to put a ladder to others, we must do it. The arrival of one is the arrival of many.

Based on your experience, how can companies promote female leadership within their organizations?

Creating references, giving visibility to existing female leadership, and through Mentoring. This leadership is in favor of the entire company, not just the women, therefore, it is everyone's work.

What do you think is the characteristic that has defined your career? Because? – another question from the interview with Bisila Bokoko

The apology and the consistency, the not giving up. I have had moments where I have been about to say “this far” and I have felt exhausted. In those moments when you can't take it anymore, it's just when you have to push and do it with a big smile, because whatever happens one is living a dream. And living it is more important than fulfilling it.

What do you think has been the most important benefit that you have brought to your company as a female leader?

the culture of collaboration, trust and empathy in order to celebrate the diversity of the people who accompany me, making everyone aware that their contribution is fundamental and that without them I am not.

In your LinkedIn There is a video in which you talk about leadership, and you commented that you have to lead yourself before leading others, so I have two questions:

  • How do you go about leading yourself and how does this influence the way you lead? – another question from the interview with Bisila Bokoko

 Self leadership is the most important part of leadership and is done from self-knowledge and personal growth. I work every day for be my best version and I do it alone and accompanied by people who are my mentors or coaches and see what I don't see. I have the commitment to dedicate the first hours of the day to me. Before interacting with any other human being, I spend time with myself to respond to situations that come my way, not just react.

  • What is the purpose as a female leader that has made you get to where you are today?

My purpose is to contribute from my possibilities to leave a world better than the one I found.

In hirint we are committed to diversity and inclusion for this reason we want in the month of women to give voice to women leaders and so inspire to others. For this reason, we have conducted this interview with Bisila Bokoko. You can learn more about Hirint here

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