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Attraction and retention: 5 keys to attract and retain Top Performers

In the field of Human Resources management, few things are as important as the company's ability to attract talented candidates to your selection processes and of getting that talent to stay working in the organization for a long time.

Finding well-trained employees is not easy, and proof of this is that at a European level there are thousands of vacancies that remain unfilled every month. Waiters, plumbers, engineers, ICT specialists... although it seems that there are many well-trained people, when it comes down to it, it is difficult to find new employees.

If finding talent is difficult, it is even more difficult to find what is known as a top performer. When a company finds a person who fits this profile, managing to integrate them into the workforce, and retaining them, is essential.

We are going to see what exactly a Top Performer is and what measures organizations can take to attract and retain this talent.

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What are Top Performers?

If we were to translate this Anglo-Saxon term into Spanish, we could say that we are facing what is known as the ideal employees. Those who stand out above the average and who have a positive impact on the company.

According to some studies, a Top Performer can be up to a more productive 85% than another employee who does not fall into this category. With such support, it is normal for companies to have special interest in this type of profile.

An ideal employee exhibits characteristics like these:

  • He loves them complex challenges and is always in constant preparation to assume them. Conversely, when the novelty wears off, the Top Performer can quickly get bored.
  • He is aware of his abilities and wants a good reward for them.. In fact, he does not hesitate to ask for a salary increase if he considers it convenient and, if he does not get it, he may go to another place where his work is more valued.
  • Channel all your energy into productivity. Even in adverse personal or work situations, this employee profile continues to give the 100% at work.
  • Your level of self-awareness is high. He knows how to manage his emotions intelligently and does not get carried away by stress and anxiety.
  • He is constantly learning and highly values having mentors to draw inspiration from.
  • Requires feedback on an ongoing basis. He needs to know if he is achieving what is expected of him.

Regarding the skills of the Top Performers, these are the most outstanding:

  • Ultra productivity.
  • Discipline.
  • Constancy.
  • Ability to calculate risks.
  • Resilience.
  • positivity.
  • Differentiation.
  • Authenticity.
  • Responsibility.
  • Personal values.
  • Self leadership ability.

The ideal employee is very demanding with himself, and can become so with others. 

Although you integrate well in different work environments, you may no longer feel comfortable if all your work shifts are the same. It is a talent that needs recognition and a constant source of encouragement and challenges.

5 Ways to Attract and Retain Top Performers

When we talk about ideal employees, we also talk about critical employees. They are so good at what they do, they make so much of a difference, that losing them can mean a loss of productivity and quality in the company's product or service. Therefore, it is convenient to make a little extra effort with respect to this type of people, to get them interested in working in the organization and want to stay in it for a long time.

Work the employer brand

The first thing that the company has to achieve is that those people who fit within the profile of the ideal employee apply as candidates for its selection processes. This can be achieved working the employer brand.

What in the Anglo-Saxon world is known as employer branding encompasses a set of Techniques that make a company a good place to work. This gives you a competitive advantage when it comes to attracting talent to your selection processes.

It is clear that a Top Performer can choose where to work, and there is no doubt that he will. For this reason, it is essential that the organization that wants to attract you to its "ranks" is perceived abroad as a good place to work.

Achieving a good employer brand implies making adjustments to achieve ends such as:

  • Have a good work environment.
  • A fair remuneration policy.
  • Career development opportunities.
  • Offer jobs that are interesting for the most talented people.

Have a good onboarding process

Onboarding is the process of welcoming and adapting new employees to your company. If done well, you get a quick identification of the worker with his employer and a effective adjustment to the job and the tasks and responsibilities associated with it.

The adaptation to the position and the establishment of solid and collaborative labor relations make the employees generate a feeling of belonging to the company. Which will make it difficult for them to make the decision to leave.

In the case of Top Performers, the sooner they adjust to their new job, the sooner they will be able to give the best of themselves and render to 100%, which is something that reinforces their self-confidence and reports a lot of motivation.

If the adaptation experience is positive, there are more possibilities that employees decide to stay with the organization in the long term.

Offer a professional development plan

Growing and developing professionally is something that is in the DNA of Top Performers. In the long term, they are not going to settle for the position they have in the organization. They want to keep learning, improving and progressing.

If the company they work for gives them the opportunity to make a career there, there is no doubt that they will take advantage of it. In fact, this will be a motivation engine. In this way, even when they feel tired, they will continue to give everything they can to reach that career progression table that they have set for themselves.

On the contrary, if the company does not offer any growth option, that highly effective employee will take advantage of his time at the company to gain experience, learn all you can, and then look for a better job somewhere else.

Knowing that they won't be stuck forever doing the same tasks for the rest of their working lives will bring out the best in the most talented employees.

Provide feedback

As we said before, people who fit the profile of the ideal employee like to receive feedback. It is not that they seek flattery, but that they really have interest in knowing how they are doing and if the company is satisfied with them.

When a Top Performer does something well, don't hesitate to tell them, because congratulations will motivate them even more.

On the other hand, if at some point you have to make a constructive criticismIt must also be done by the business management without any misgivings. Because these types of people are among those who best know how to manage criticism.

For a talented employee, a criticism of their way of working is very valuable information that can directly affect their way of doing things, and It drives you to keep growing.

Encourage self-management

Top Performers like feedback, but they don't want anyone chasing after them to see if they're doing a good job. It's more, they prefer to have as much autonomy as possible.

Offering trust and avoiding excessive supervision is the best way to make this professional profile feel comfortable in the company where they work. 

On the other hand, since these are such talented people, there is no need to be afraid when trusting them and delegating new responsibilities to them. As we said at the beginning of this article, these employees get bored quickly if their work is not challenging for them.

Taking advantage of the freedom of self-management that the company is giving, these workers can be entrusted New tasks that arouse your interest and in which they need to deploy all their talent.

The importance of taking care of the staff

The special attention that companies give to Top Performers, and the good results they achieve if they do it well, shows that managing human talent is not as complicated as is often believed.

With adequate planning, and taking into account the profiles with which you are dealing, Making an organization a good place to work is a reality that is within the reach of all companies., as long as they have the will to achieve it.

From everything we've seen, it might seem like ideal employees require privileged treatment, but they don't. These strategies that we have highlighted should not only be applied to them, but to the entire workforce.. What's more, by doing so, the company may end up discovering that within its team it has more Top Performers than it thought.

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