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Aliat Universities success story

Aliat is a company dedicated to the Educational field, where we have 27 campuses and we are in almost the entire Mexican Republic, with more than 50 thousand students; At Aliat we are convinced that education is the key to transforming lives, that social mobility is possible and that our work and effort bears fruit with each graduate and changed life, which is why we are obliged to go further every day, to more students. more cities

Problem: What was the process like before using Hirint?

For us, the time to do psychometric evaluations was becoming increasingly burdensome; we were using a platform that was not providing us with what we needed, in addition to presenting problems for our candidates.

Some of these problems were that the platform was very heavy, which generated delays when opening the test and sudden closures. Another drawback was the duration of the test, it had an average of two hours. All this made the process very slow; less efficient and of course long.

The decision

Very simple, they showed us the efficiency of Hirint and how digestible it was for our candidates, we tested it for approximately 30 days and it worked perfectly on everything that was agreed to its operation.

After using Hirint

The processes have improved a lot in times and above all it has made it easier for us to make decisions regarding our candidates and the agility that is given to the processes today, a clear example.

Specific Case

Collaborator. Barbara Aquino
Psychometric application date: June 30, 2022
Position: Admissions leader.

Barbara Aquino applied through the Occ Mundial website for the position of Admission Leader, she carried out her selection process which included psychometric tests and technical tests, which satisfactorily accredited her having a total adjustment of the 96%. After 6 months, I opted for a promotion process for a "training coordinator" position since I had experience as a Trainnnig.

He performed the psychometric tests again, having an adjustment to the 93% position and recently had a promotion process for area sales director where he performed other tests and had an adjustment to the 95%.

Currently, the results of the area under his charge have been met and this was achieved thanks to the good profiling that was given through Hirint's psychometric tests.

Benefits of using Hirint

The agility, innovation, monitoring of the service and one of the most important is the quality of service that they always give us, as users we appreciate it very much since we are sure that our doubts and requests will be heard and resolved.

Eliot Mondragon
Talent Attraction Manager at Aliat Universities