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5 Strategies to Hire and Retain Talent

Lhe pandemic has changed many things, including the way we see life and the way we want to enjoy it. This is, as confirmed by specialists, what has led to the phenomenon known as "The great job desertion or the great resignation". Since the pandemic began, thousands of people in the United States have left their jobs. They have done it because the situation they have experienced has led them to do a deep introspection and decide that they want something better for themselves. They do not want to work for more than 10 hours a day for a salary that covers little more than their basic needs. This is why you have to change the strategies to hire talent.

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In Spain there are not thousands of people giving up their jobs, but not because they are happy with it, but because they know that in our country it is more difficult to get a job. However, we are observing another phenomenon.

Many employers have been warning for months that they cannot find workers. Electromechanics, waiters, doctors, masonry laborers... both the most qualified and the least qualified positions remain unfilled for months, and this only has one explanation: the younger generations value their time more, and aspire to have a I work with a decent remuneration and with working conditions that are fair.

All this has put companies in a very complicated scenario. Now it is not only difficult to attract the best talent to hire, it is essential to develop strategies to retain them in the company. Let's see how this can be done.

1. Bet on potential and not on experience as one of the strategies for hiring talent

This is a strategy that many businesses are already implementing, and that is proving to give very good results. In fact, we can already see job offers in which experience is not an essential requirement.

Why doesn't experience matter so much?

Because it's something acquired over time. Perhaps the employee we have hired today does not know how to do all the tasks that his position implies well, because he is a young man who has just finished his studies, but with good training and practice, in a short time he can be an expert.

The key is the potential

What really matters is the potential of people. Let's think again about that young person with little experience who has just arrived at the company, we know that there are many things that he does not know how to do, but during the selection process we have realized that he is a highly motivated person, eager to learn, with passion for what he does. In other words, it has the potential to develop those skills and abilities that we need it to have.

Speed up hiring

When we focus on potential and not experience, we are greatly expanding the number of valid candidates that we have at our disposal, and this will allow us to make a better choice, because we will not be so limited.

In addition, hiring based only on experience is, today, totally ineffective. The employee that we have hired may know how to do 20 different tasks but, over time, he will have to learn to do more, and in them he will not have experience, he will start as much from scratch as another person who did not have any experience at the time of sign your contract.

Thinking in the future

They say that the new generations do not want to be linked to a company for a long time, But this is not entirely true. If an employee is comfortable in their position, there is no reason for them to want to leave.

The key is that we let him develop his potential. If a worker is good, we should offer him future prospects, to continue in the company over time, but to do so in a better position.

2. Have highly trained recruiters

The recruiter's work is essential to attract talent and to make the candidate more and more interested in being part of the company. Hence the importance of the Human Resources team being well trained.

To find a good candidate, it is not enough to do a search on LinkedIn or post an ad on a job search platform and wait for a response. It's a much more complex process that requires the active participation of the recruiter.

The importance of recruiter loyalty as part of the strategies to hire talent

The more faithful the person in charge of the personnel selection is to the company, the more interest he will put in get the best employees for it. Because you will be aware of how necessary it is to find the best talent so that the organization can move forward and achieve its goals.

Have state-of-the-art resources

The selection of personnel has evolved a lot at all levels. A recruiting technician doesn't work today like he did a couple of decades ago. It has more sophisticated tools and tests to help you find the ideal candidate.

It is important that the company advances in its transformation process also in what refers to the selection of personnel and equips the Human Resources department of the personal and material resources you need to do your job with maximum efficiency.

3. Monitor the competition as one of the strategies to hire talent

When a company wants to launch a marketing campaign, it usually checks to see what the competition is doing in that field. Not to copy what he does, but to try to improve it. Well, we can do exactly the same when it comes to attracting and retaining talent.

It is interesting to know what salaries the competition offers, but also what other welfare measures apply. For example, if it allows teleworking several days a week, if it has a flexible schedule, if it makes sure that the working day is not extended more than it should be, or if it offers other emotional salary alternatives.

The better the working conditions that a company offers, the easier it will be to attract talent and retain it. If the competition is doing well in this regard, the rest of the organizations operating in the sector may have a particularly difficult time. Therefore, it is important to see what strategy others are using and try to improve it

You have to work on employer branding

The efforts made to improve working conditions are useless if potential employees in the market do not know the benefits of working in our company. In other words, efforts must be invested in employer branding, in the image that the brand has as an employer.

It is about marketing the company itself as a place to work, and the best way to achieve a good image as an employer is for current employees are happy. If they are, they will become brand ambassadors and won't hesitate to recommend your current company as the perfect place to work.

4. Meet the employees

Retaining talent is more complicated than attracting it, because in this case it is someone who has been in direct contact with the company and has refused to work for it anymore. When this happens, it is essential know what is wrong.

Hiring a person and having them leave after a short time has a great cost for the company and, in addition, it leaves it in a disadvantageous position with respect to its competition. So the goal is reduce the rate of abandonment of employment as much as possible.

The key to achieving this is getting to know your employees better. Know what they want, what they need to feel more comfortable in their job and what their aspirations are

Carry out a survey or interview as part of the strategies to hire talent

The easiest way to get information is by asking. If it is not feasible to have a personalized interview with the employees, what can be done is to prepare a small survey or interview.

It can include things like:

  • What part of your job do you find the most rewarding?
  • Would you like to collaborate with another department or take on additional responsibilities?
  • What improvements would you include in the work dynamics of your department?

Knowing each employee better helps detect possible shortcomings and also discover their potential, which allows the career plan to be adapted in each specific case. In this way, the employee feels much more valued, notices that he is improving little by little in his work, and that his opinion is taken into account.

5. Monitor results as one of the strategies for hiring talent

Not because this is the last strategy to attract and retain talent is it the least important. In fact, it is one of the most transcendental. Because it is the one that is going to help us know if the other strategies that we have implemented have given good results.

Today, few companies carry out detailed monitoring of the hiring process and the retention rate. However, those that do, have managed to improve their data. Because they have discovered where they were wrong, and have taken action to solve the problem. 

We can't improve a company's ability to attract and retain talent if we don't know what's going wrong., and it is precisely there where the importance of the results monitoring and evaluation strategy lies.

The combination of the five strategies that we have just seen contributes significantly to a better adaptation of the person to the job, to the employees being happier and, ultimately, to the company having a greater capacity to attract people. talented and retain them once you've secured your hire.

With Hirint you can evaluate the skills of the candidates at any part of the selection process, which allows you to get to know the future worker even more and be able to determine who best fits the job. Learn more about us here

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