5 Keys to improve workflow

The year 2020 turned us all upside down, there were companies that had to close their doors and others that saw an opportunity amid so much darkness. However, there were some things that were repeated in all companies, digitization, teleworking and adaptation to these new styles. That is why we bring you 5 keys to improve your workflow

The arrival of a vaccine gives us a little hope, but it does not take away all the work that human resources departments have had to do to keep their companies moving forward.

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That is why we bring you 5 keys to improve workflow in human resources departments in 2021:

1. Use the available technology to achieve effective communication:

For the work to be fluid and effective, the company must establish an online workspace, for this there is a diversity of platforms such as: Trello, Slack, etc...

Through them, employees can communicate, establish tasks, discuss project implementation issues, this type of application ensures that communication reaches the recipient, subtracting a task from the managers of the different departments.

However, for the implementation of these softwares to be effective, the human resources department must carry out training on them.

2. Look for new workers, but don't forget about the old ones:

It is important to focus part of your energy on finding the best and training them to work in your company, but do not forget those who have been there fighting with you.

Keep them engaged with your company, that will help increase their productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

3. Establish positive communication:

To deal with changes, communication is one of the main ways of dealing with them, which is why human resources departments must communicate with all their employees on a daily basis.

The human resources department must have good relations with the entire organization, since they are the central axis of all the changes that are made.

4. Rewards and benefits:

Obviously at this point we are talking about salary, but within a company there are various benefits that can be offered so that employees feel good. Good working hours, emotional salary, training.

All of these things help employees be more productive and stay on top of the business. Generating a relief for the highest positions.

5. Career plan:

It is important to have a career and training plan, both for new and old employees.

New employees need to know the processes of the company, they want to know it thoroughly, for this reason it is best to sponsor him to an employee with sufficient seniority and skills to perform this task without neglecting their duties.

Older employees want to continue growing within the company, but for this they need to continue training, which is why internal training programs should be created that go hand in hand with the needs of your company.

In conclusion…

To improve the workflow, what you need is organization, communication and collaboration between the human resources department and the other departments.

However, it is clear that everything starts from human resource managers and their ability to organize, communicate and collaborate with each other.