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4 policies that promote diversity in your organization

Diversity is the existence of various things within the same set or system, this concept applies to many areas such as in the business world, currently it is very important to have policies to promote diversity in your organization.

It is difficult to think of changing patterns and practices that are deeply embedded in an organization's system.

But refreshing the different practices is always a good option. That is why we tell you 4 policies that promote diversity in your organization

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4 policies to promote diversity in your organization

1. Diversify your recruiting efforts

When looking to fill open positions, fundamentally change the way you identify and recruit candidates to attract a more diverse talent pool. 

For example, commit to dedicating more than 50% of your search efforts to rare talent pools, through associations or organizations dedicated to this, and ensure, to the extent possible, that all search teams interviews include diverse representation.

2. Go beyond the virtues of the company

Diverse groups are increasingly demanding to see proof that your organization is truly inclusive, including unbiased hiring practices, representation at the highest levels of leadership, financial support of important causes, etc.

As advice we can tell you to be proud of your charitable contributions, publish them in your employer profiles, on your website and social networks and include a section “Why work with us?” where you give a general description of the values of your company.

3. Highlight the professional career of some employees as one of the policies to promote diversity

The benefits of showing future employees that there really are opportunities to grow professionally within the company are many.

First, it is simply the right thing to do, this ensures that employees are positioned to succeed and move up in the organization.

Furthermore, this reduces homogeneous thinking, which is a positive force for innovation. 

To promote this, use your social media updates to highlight and educate promoted employees. 

Doing this not only gives candidates an idea of the types of people who are promoted, but also a sense of limitless possibilities that brings authenticity to your company.

4. Promote diversity, equity and inclusion

For this, study the level of diversity, equity and inclusion that exists within your company and from there establish an action plan to improve these points.

You can bet on inclusion activities such as webinars or masterclasses to educate your employees on this topic or activities where you include your employees from other countries where they make their cultures known.

If you want to know more about how to hire in an inclusive way, click here

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