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3 Reasons why you should evaluate before hiring

When looking for the best talent, the selection by CV and the results of poorly structured interviews alone are not enough, because the resume can include misleading information, that's why we tell you 3 reasons why you should evaluate before hiring

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I assume you've already heard of pre-employment screenings. But have you ever thought about what these tools can do for your hiring process? 

What is evaluate before hiring?

The evaluations Pre-employment tests are one of the most objective ways to predict job performance and company suitability. 

It consists of the use of tests and questionnaires to evaluate candidates in terms of a wide range of aspects. Like cognitive ability, critical thinking ability, among many others.

Well-designed and scientifically validated tests are a reliable and objective way to assess candidates. Providing concrete results that can be standardized across all applicants. 

Recruiters can use test results to make data-driven hiring decisions. The use of these tests by companies large and small is increasing significantly year after year. 

There are many types of tests to choose from depending on what you are looking for in candidates for a specific department or industry. To hire high-level executives, you'll probably want to assess cognitive ability and general personality traits. 

If you are hiring customer service personnel, you may be more interested in their customer orientation skills, ability to communicate, teamwork, etc.

3 main reasons why you should evaluate before hiring a candidate:

1. They are more objective

Trust objective data to make better decisions. Pre-employment tests can provide you with standardized information about candidates and predict job performance and company fit. By using this data to identify and hire the right candidate, you'll also improve the overall productivity and effectiveness of your teams.

Unlike face-to-face interviews, pre-tests allow you to assess a wide range of applicable skills and personality traits.

For example, cognitive ability, strategic thinking, knowledge of the subject area, confidence, problem-solving ability, leadership ability, friendliness, organizational skills, etc…

2. They increase employee retention as another reason to evaluate before hiring

As important as hiring the right candidate, it is critical that companies retain talent and reduce turnover. With pre-screening, they can screen candidates more efficiently for aptitude and personality.

Employees who are not the right fit for a job will eventually underperform in terms of role commitment and productivity. Therefore, they are more likely to leave and as we well know, replacing a bad hire can be very expensive and time consuming. 

3. Increased productivity

Research shows that well-validated, professionally developed pre-employment tests can successfully predict employee productivity across a wide range of job types and industries.

Tests are among the most accurate means of predicting performance because they can objectively determine the extent to which a candidate has the knowledge and skills to perform well in a job.

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